Born Angels

Beings created in the paradise overrealm, made of the dust from the birth of stars. They rule the overrealm alongside their crafter, Ezga.

Made Angels

The angelic forms of human beings, animals, or plants who have died and ascended to the overrealm.


Born Devils

Beings created in the underrealm, made from the noxious gas and remnants of dying stars. They rule the underrealm alongside Senvilo. They have been rumored to occasionally roam on Earth, attempting to make deals with and play tricks on humans.

Made Devils

The demonic forms of human beings who have died and been damned to the underrealm. Non-human animals and plants can’t go to the underrealm.

How to spot Angels and Devils on Earth

Trapped Souls

Incorporeal human beings, or animals, who have died, and whose spirits are stuck between the over and underrealm. Instead, they reside in the lining between them, a type of purgatory. The deceased are trapped to the mortal plain by an overwhelming emotional will over their soul energy. They are stuck until they can "move on" and resolve whatever was tethering them to the mortal realm.


Mysterious beings of unknown origins, often appearing as riding a horse or a vehicle and resembling a human being, who escorts the recently deceased to the entrance of the afterlife. They may also appear to dying people using the likeness of a deceased loved one. Trapped souls are not visited by a reaper until they are able to resolve.