The home of Ezga and the angels. It’s said to be comprised of beautiful and infinite rolling green hills, biodiverse forests and snowy plains, blue skies, and large seas that reflect rainbows off its surface, full of life.


The home of Senvilo and the devils. It’s said to be a cave-like, winding structure which goes on infinitely, interspersed with miles of unbearably cold spikes of ice and coated frost, rivers of lava and flames, and foul swamps with unpassable lakes of thick sludge.


The home of trapped souls. It exists on top of our realm, though not quite in the over or underrealm. The souls live amongst us, but are largely unable to interact with their surroundings or other people in any form.

The Fifth Dimension

The home of the deities, standing independent of the forces of time or the universe, so complex the vast majority of it is not understandable to a mortal mind. It may take the appearance of structures built within pure nothingness, of indescribable materials and qualities.

Entrance to the Afterlife

The home of Dozam specifically, and the only place within the fifth dimension a human being will ever see, albeit after they’ve died. It has been described as merely a walkway, surrounded by quartz-like pillars, both of which stretch infinitely downward into a void. At the end of the walkway stands a dozen-foot tall podium, where Dozam presides.