The God of Time

Tempus is the highest in the order of all the Universe Gods. Its birth is what created the universe, and it is what created the first gods of life and death. It is the very embodiment of the concept of time, and therefore cannot be bargained with, neither by any Universe God, nor by any mortal. Tempus is incomprehensible in form to the mortal eye. There have been a few who have claimed to see it, through various means, but descriptions of it are inconsistent between recountings. All supposed witnesses to Tempus have also shown signs of dramatically worsened mental health and loss in one or several of their senses.



The God of Life

One of two of the first gods created by Tempus, Zykna is the god of life and the center of creation. It crafted the first galaxies, planets, living organisms, and all the following Creators. It is said that Zykna may appear to every living being long before we can each individually remember, before or during birth. It cannot be summoned or contacted by any mortal being.


The God of Death

The other god first created by Tempus, Thynna is the god of death and decay. It is not cruel, but exists as an inevitable, all which is born must someday die. The Destroyers were created from her. It as well, cannot be summoned or contacted by any mortal being, but there are accounts of her appearing to people leading to their death.

All other deities are the children of The High Gods. They are the center of The Collective Conciousness.



The God of Warm Blood

Epscam is the creator of all warm-blooded mammilian creatures, including humans. He is the one that sews together each person's soul before they're born, and their flesh, muscle and blood. He can be summoned.
His common appearance is described as that of a skinless human, with an open, organ-deep cut and an either deformed or missing face. He is also sometimes described appearing as a similarly skinless and deformed animal, often a deer.


The God of Insects

Volu is the creator of all arthropod creatures. She is said to work with flesh and exoskeleton plates crafted from a type of metallic clay found in her dwelling within the Fifth Dimension. She can be summoned.


The God of Flora

Affos is the creator of all plantlife. Its creations are made from various parts taken from its own regenerative physical or ethereal body. It does not speak any human or animal language, but it can be summoned.


The God of the Sea

Marsa is the creator of the first seas, and of all fish, amphibians, and the majority of water-dwelling creatures. It brought water from its dwelling in the Fifth Dimension, and crafts its creatures too from the bone and flesh there found in fields. It as well does not speak any human language, but it can be summoned.
It is often described appearing as a large (~40-50 ft long) semi-translucent sea creature, resembling an eel.



The God of Sickness

Morgus is the source of all illness, to animals and plants alike. They have been long rumored to appear wandering as an impression of a sickly nurse, doctor, or medicine-man of the time. Their presence is thought to often preceed, and warn of, a coming great plague or wave of illness, as they bring the sickness with them wherever they go. They can be summoned.


The God of Electricity

Ignian is the source of electricity in all forms. It is said to have the ability to smite people where they stand just as well as it allows computers to function. It can be summoned.
It appears as lightning, often in the form of ball lightning.



The God of Weather

The source and controller of weather on Earth and elsewhere, including wind, rain, and natural disasters. He can be summoned.


The God of Light

The god of the sun and of light. She cannot be summoned.


The God of Dark

The god of the moon and of dark. She cannot be summoned.



The God of Knowledge

Veski is the muse of mortal knowledge and learned intelligence. They can be summoned.


The God of Performance

Mazaka is the muse of mortal performance and comedy. He can be summoned.


The God of Indulgence

Malyke is the muse of mortal indulgence and hedonism. He can be summoned.


The God of Love

Camor is the muse of mortal love, romantic, friendly, or familial. They can be summoned.


The God of Music

Rigaki is the muse of mortal music and music intuition. He can be summoned.



The Mortal Communicator

Itosh is the only god who can be directly contacted by a mortal. He serves as the gatekeeper between the gods and humanity.


The Judge

Dozam is the deity responsible for deciding which realm a mortal is sent to after their death, based on an omnipotent knowledge. They can not be summoned.



The Over-Keeper

The keeper of the overrealm, the paradise afterlife of the Universe. It cannot be summoned.


The Under-Keeper

The keeper of the underrealm, the torturous afterlife of the Universe. It cannot be summoned.